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En Dash: Jay is an Object!

Did you notice that Jay is wearing an exhibit tag while playing around in the warehouse?  It's hanging from his right hand finger! 😳

Lifeless as a Doll, Automaton, Mannequin, Statue

First, I already posted about the allusions to Pinocchio prior to the release of any Let Me In trailers, but it's all relevant to this discussion, so go check it out at Allusions to Pinocchio . Great, now that you've read that, check out the boys below pictured  as lifeless dolls still wrapped in plastic. They have been transported to a zoo/museum to be put on display. They may even be mannequins of supernatural creatures. (Cut to the beginning of Given Taken MV where Heeseung, Jake and Jay are as still as mannequins.) They were made, not born (carved by the world) and they don't breathe.     But wait, maybe they are more than just mannequins, they are automaton/androids built to act out little scenes and dance for their captors/viewers. Much like in the phenomenal HBO show, "Westworld," the boys are on a journey towards consciousness and becoming alive (something later symbolized by blood and breath.). They must move from the lives forced upon them (given) to cla

Pinocchio Allusions

While I'm thinking of it, remind me to tell you about how I think Pinocchio ties into the Enhypen storyline. For starters the boys were carved (intro), there is a marionette in the given taken mv, the boys long to transform, why do we desire what we cannot acquire etc. Also, the "occhio" in Pinocchio means eye, you know like the key choreo of the mv and Jungwon's transforming eye. Pinocchio is a performer and also gets pushed/drifts to an  island of young boys with a carnival.

Scooped by Weverse!

I'm so freakin' mad that Weverse released this article before I finished my MV analysis. 😡 Before I get scooped again, I'm just going to document a few things here: Gothic Novels: Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein (lightning boy), Phantom of the Opera (masquerade), The Werewolf of Paris, Poe's William Wilson. Also, Little Red Riding Hood. Anyway, great read. Enjoy. 😩 And while I'm at it, Dusk and the Blue Hour are the same time of day. Also called, the time of dogs and wolves because at that time of day, it's hard to tell dogs apart from wolves (and werewolves for that matter.) Shakespeare in Given Taken

Given Taken MV Theory - Orphanage Represents I-Land Part 4

After the dance break for the Given/Taken part of the chorus, but before the dance break for the "Woah-oah-oah-a--wooaah" part, we see Heeseung step onto the table that the other six are seated at.  This represents Heeseung stepping up to be center/leader for Into the I-Land. Unfortunately, things go poorly and he steps down from those roles even though it is painful (symbolized by taking the pill and red eyes representing crying.) (Watch out though; he's coming for you! 🧛) Did he give up the leader/center role or was it taken from him? 🧐 Also, no one is at the table anymore. They have abandoned him. He doesn't give up though. He's still fighting to walk to us and he will rise again with all those doubts behind him! (Perhaps representing when he had to muster the courage to protect his team by challenging his leader.) -Alternative Explanation- Taking the pill represents getting negative feedback from producers which can be a bitter pill to swallow, but makes you

Given Taken MV Theory - Orphanage represents I-Land Part 3

*This one is just me being silly. I don't know what the real meaning of this imagery is... After we see Jay's and Jake's parts, we zoom into Sunghoon in the bath chamber. As always, he is singing part 5 as he is fated to do.  Later we see imagery of his hand on fire representing the time he was Part 5 in Flame On, but that part was taken from him and he was given Part 5 in Chamber 5.  But seriously though, he does have that red blanket with him that he uses to wrap around his naked top in another video. Can't wait to figure out what that imagery represents. I'm guessing it's related to water imagery as well.  What do you guys think? PS MelJC speculated that zooming from Jay and Jake in the dark to Sunghoon in the light might represent them being fated to join him back in I-land. 

Given Taken MV Theory - Orphanage represents I-Land Part 2

We cut to Jake and Jay in the dark basement representing Ground. They were among the group sent to Ground by the vote after the performance of "Into the I-Land."  Jay has been demoted to Ground bc there are too many stars to compete with. This has left him questioning himself and wandering around trying to figure what's next for him.  Jake is also lost in the dark now that he's in Ground, but he follows the light within himself to get back to I-land.  (Later in the MV we see Jay and Jake looking longingly up representing their desire to move from Ground to I-land.) At the same time Jay and Jake went to ground, Niki was also sent there and banished (chained up) for a lot longer than either Jay or Jake. His sadness is expressed with eyes red from crying.  What do you think so far?

Given Taken MV Theory - Orphanage represents I-Land Part 1

Intro includes images of video cameras and a film projector.  These are both references to I-Land being a television show that was taped and viewed by others. After a shot of post-orphanage JW, we start in a cube like room with an egg medallion on the ceiling. The medallion is also reminiscent of the circular skylight that was in each floor of I-land. The room has all members but then cuts to Sunoo by himself. All members initially made it to I-land, but Sunoo alone was then voted out of the initial 12. We cut to Jake and Jay in the dark basement representing Ground. They were the next two sent to Ground. (Niki was also sent to ground and banished there for longer than Jay and Jake. This will be represented later by imagery of him chained up in the basement.) Intrigued yet? 😳🤓😁 Credits to MelJC for inspiring this line of thought!