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Newbieguide- Review Summary for New Fans

Welcome new ENGENES!! Let me catch you up. 1. we stan ENHYPEN which is a 7 member boy group that came out of the survival show I-land through a mix of member, producer, and global voting. (The show is on viki and some other places if you want to check it out.) Debut was November 30, 2020 at 18:00 KST. 2: members in age order are: ❤️Heeseung-Lee Heeseung (oldest and all around Ace, very playful, hidden Maknae, has perfect pitch),  💚Jay- Park Jongseong (Korean/American. "mood-maker", Comes across as stern, but actually one of the sweetest and most thoughtful of the group),  🧡Jake- Sim Jaeyoon (Australian, Picture of exponential growth, sweetest member of the group, has a dog named Layla-spelling has been confirmed by Jake),  💙Sunghoon-Park Sunghoon(figure skater for 10 years. super stable and reliable performer, cool, introverted, quietly helpful, has a dog named Gaeul 'Autumn'),  💗Sunoo- Kim Sunoo (literal sunshine, resilient, most comfortable being cute of the gro
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God of the Sun-Goddess of the Moon

The two busts that make an appearance in the recently revealed UP concept photos are famously known as Apollo (left) and Artemis (right) of Greek Mythology. Apollo and Artemis were twins born of Zeus and Leto. Apollo, among other things, was the god of the Sun, light, archery, truth, music, poetry, and dance.  And Artemis, among other things, was the goddess of the Moon, the hunt, wild animals, and the wilderness.  ENHYPEN’s second mini album, Border: CARNIVAL, is being released in 3 different versions. UP, HYPE, and DOWN. And we have the god of the sun and the goddess of the moon making an appearance in the UP concept photos for ENHYPEN. More on them in a moment. ENHYPEN’s first mini album, Border: Day One, was released in 2 different versions, DAWN and DUSK. Dawn is the time when the sun is rising and the moon is setting. Dusk is the time when the moon is rising and the sun is setting. Dawn and dusk are the borders between the sun and the moon. For their first album, Intro-Walk the

It’s Party Time!

 Disco Balls seem to pop up everywhere in ENHYPEN content. We see them in the Season’s Greetings pictures and other photoshoots.  And most recently, mirrored disco balls are present in the Border: CARNIVAL teaser video.  In an article on The Vintage News   reported that, while existing before, the first man to patent the “myriad reflector” as he called it, was Louis Bernard Woeste. He did so in 1917. One of his advertisements for this product stated, “The newest novelty is one that will change a hall into a brilliant fairyland of flashing, changing, living colors - a place of a million-colored sparks, darting and dancing, chasing one another into every nook and corner - filling the hall with dancing fireflies of a thousand hues.”  Over the years these decorations became key symbols of club scenes and night life. They bring to mind endless dancing and revelry. They coax the body into movement and laughter. They play with the senses and distract from reality.  And as the lyrics of Intro

Take Everything - Soul Included?

Let's talk Shakespeare a bit, shall we?  Namely, Shakespeare's Sonnet 146. Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth, [...] these rebel powers that thee array; Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth, Painting thy outward walls so costly gay? Why so large cost, having so short a lease, Dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend? Shall worms, inheritors of this excess, Eat up thy charge? is this thy body’s end? Then soul, live thou upon thy servant’s loss, And let that pine to aggravate thy store; Buy terms divine in selling hours of dross; Within be fed, without be rich no more: So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men, And Death once dead, there’s no more dying then. By now you've probably caught wind that this sonnet is heavily referenced in the video for Enhypen's Border: Carnival 'Intro: The Invitation.'   Here's a snippet: Purchasing pleasures In selling hours of dross Here In the land of rebel pow'rs Gloriously decorated An invitation calls