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En Dash - Maybe Never

  I wasn't able to make out what this patch said in the Let Me In MV , but we get a clearer look in the Behind the Scenes pictures.  What do you think the reference is?

10 Connections to TXT's most recent MV, Blue Hour, Japanese version

Have you watched TXT's newest Blue Hour MV ?  If so, did you notice any connections to the Enhypen Universe?  (Please credit if you share these connections elsewhere.) 1) Blue Hour is another term for both Dawn and for Dusk.  2) Food and drink like to just float around willy-nilly as seen in the  Let Me In MV .   3) TXT dances in front of a lake.   Border: Day One Preview features a lake (and it's in the background of some Dawn photo shoot pictures).  Fyi, the lake is significant in the BH Universe and it's considered to be a magic lake. 4)  Intro: Walk the Line  includes a shot of a horse though it is black rather than white.   5) Intro: Walk the Line includes a shot of a UFO.    6) Huening Kai sports the same blue jeweled tie tack as Sunghoon in the Let Me In MV . (It may be easier to make out the details of SH's tie tack in the Let Me In Debut Performance . 7) Blond boys with tea cups as seen in the Photobook that came with the Dusk Album. 8) The Fer

Time for a Loopy Theory

Hear me out... After watching the Let Me In MV a countless number of times on 25% speed, I finally noticed something that was never all that hidden.  The members appear to be stuck in a time loop, with the events in each loop being similar, but slightly different than the previous loop.  The most obvious clue that this is happening has to do with the clothing each member wears. Several of the members have costume changes throughout the MV, but they don't all have them at the same time.  Let's analyze in detail!  (By the way, an alternative explanation to a time loop could be parallel universes.) Each member has at lease one unique outfit.  I call the first look, the "packaged look."  It's what the members wear when they are under plastic, trapped in the display case and dancing in blue.  The second look I call the "explorer look." It's what the members wear when they are exploring the museum at night with flashlights. Sunoo, Niki and Sunghoon mainta

Let Me In or Let Me Out?

Have you noticed that a lot of the imagery in the  Let Me In (20 Cube) MV  appears to show Enhypen as trapped?  Even though they are singing, "Let me in," their eyes and body language seem to be saying, "Let us out!"  I believe it actually goes two ways.  They want to be let  out  of the world they are trapped in and in order for that to happen, we have to let them  in  to our world.  In other words, they need our help to Cross the Line. As you can see, this bidirectionality is even referenced by patches the boys sport while wearing their "space suits" in the MV. Back in the  Given Taken MV , we also see imagery of Enhypen members trying to get in.  In particular, Jungwon seems to be trapped outside of the orphanage when he puts his hands on the window.  That's one creepy orphanage, but somehow he still seems to be asking to be let in. This kind of imagery is repeated again in the 2nd 20 Cube Teaser when we see two hands trying to connect through glas