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It’s Party Time!

 Disco Balls seem to pop up everywhere in ENHYPEN content. We see them in the Season’s Greetings pictures and other photoshoots. 

And most recently, mirrored disco balls are present in the Border: CARNIVAL teaser video. 

In an article on The Vintage News  reported that, while existing before, the first man to patent the “myriad reflector” as he called it, was Louis Bernard Woeste. He did so in 1917. One of his advertisements for this product stated, “The newest novelty is one that will change a hall into a brilliant fairyland of flashing, changing, living colors - a place of a million-colored sparks, darting and dancing, chasing one another into every nook and corner - filling the hall with dancing fireflies of a thousand hues.” 

Over the years these decorations became key symbols of club scenes and night life. They bring to mind endless dancing and revelry. They coax the body into movement and laughter. They play with the senses and distract from reality.

 And as the lyrics of Intro: The Invitation state, they are “A dizzying flicker, a light that blinds and deceives.”