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Simply Speculation: THE MATRIX- Part 2

Red vs Blue and other musings.

-In “Let Me In”, After Sunoo drinks the blue drink, the previously inactive cube turns red and draws all of the boys to it. We then zoom into the cube and see the boys in white painter suits (possibly representing blank canvases?) in space posing and on display with the telescope fixed in them as though They themselves are the stars.

This could represent the Matrix. 

After we see Jake eating red gummy bear that are floating around him as he holds the package in his hand,

a black and white flashing cube appears over the blue starry backdrop.

As Jungwon turns, walks, and eventually flies towards this cube, we see it’s position change from being in front of a blue starry backdrop, to on the border between blue and red, to eventually being completely over a red backdrop by the time Jungwon reaches it.

During these scenes we see Sunoo waving happily and the other members looking on in curiosity with a bright blue backdrop behind them. 

-Jungwon is then immediately shown as being inside the terrarium.

He runs back and forth, on his own or with other members, with the background repeatedly changing between a fake forest backdrop and a brilliant red.

In this case, the red is emphasizing what is the reality of the situation. It shows that even though the background looks like a real forest, it isn’t. That even though the members look like they are running around and having fun, in reality they are trapped. 

We then have a scene where Ni-Ki tells Jungwon to “Bring it back” while they are in painter suits and a red backdrop behind them. 

-If connecting to the Matrix, the red gummy bears would relate to the red pill. The progression from the painter suits and mannequin behavior in space to Jungwon escaping through the cube into the terrarium could be mirroring the “down the rabbit hole” concept Morpheus introduced when he shows Neo the red pill. Those scenes might depict the journey the members took from having no control over their lives, to now having control, but realizing that the world they live in is a lie. 

We see a further depiction of them being trapped when we see first Jungwon and then the others each sitting over the opening of a grave.

The inside of the grave is depicted as blue, the sky above their heads is red. If echoing the Matrix, it is stating that going back into the world of ignorance and blindly living under the control of someone/something else is the equivalent of death. 

-We see them reach the conclusion that the world they are in is not real while they are in the terrarium and you see Jay leaning against the fake forest wall.

While they are trapped inside the terrarium, we also see more of the red gummy bears being eaten by Jake, being stuck to glass, being eaten by Sunghoon, and possibly even passed unto the terrarium by Sunghoon.

After seeing a shot of Jay and Sunghoon in blue clothes in the museum leaning over a terrarium with Sunghoon holding a package of gummy bears in one hand and reaching into the terrarium with the other, we see the members inside the terrarium begin to start breaking out.

As the scenes unfold we have the line “Oh shining blue might turn red.”

Eventually they break the glass of the terrarium.

After another impressive mannequin skills display that occurs with the rising sun or spotlight shining on all of the boys and them stopping immediately,

they finally rush out of the terrarium leaving only broken glass and a red gummy bear stuck on the edge of the opening.

It is after breaking out of their fake world that we have the images of the remaining 6 members choosing to stay in the red sunlight/red sky instead of going down into the blue grave.

We see Sunoo drop the blue drink as though to stop anyone else from drinking it. 

to be continued...