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Newbieguide- Review Summary for New Fans

Welcome new ENGENES!! Let me catch you up.

1. we stan ENHYPEN which is a 7 member boy group that came out of the survival show I-land through a mix of member, producer, and global voting. (The show is on viki and some other places if you want to check it out.) Debut was November 30, 2020 at 18:00 KST.

2: members in age order are:

❤️Heeseung-Lee Heeseung (oldest and all around Ace, very playful, hidden Maknae, has perfect pitch), 

💚Jay- Park Jongseong (Korean/American. "mood-maker", Comes across as stern, but actually one of the sweetest and most thoughtful of the group), 

🧡Jake- Sim Jaeyoon (Australian, Picture of exponential growth, sweetest member of the group, has a dog named Layla-spelling has been confirmed by Jake), 

💙Sunghoon-Park Sunghoon(figure skater for 10 years. super stable and reliable performer, cool, introverted, quietly helpful, has a dog named Gaeul 'Autumn'), 

💗Sunoo- Kim Sunoo (literal sunshine, resilient, most comfortable being cute of the group which makes him the king of duality, selca /selfie-king), 

💛Jungwon- Yang Jungwon (official leader of ENHYPEN. Youngest leader in the kpop industry I believe. dimples for days, most unique voice, super stable vocally, calm, super savage), 

💜Ni-Ki -Nishimura Riki (youngest member. Japanese. a bit quiet but opening up more. choreo leader, dancing machine, going through an EPIC growth spurt over the past few months, has a dog names Bisco).  

3) We are called ENGENE. ENGENE is pronounced like "engine" because we are the engines that help push Enhypen further on their journey. ENGENE is the spelling because we have the same genetic make-up of ENHYPEN and share with them as they seek to connect, discover and grow. (You may see the term eggie tossed around. This is what the fandom was called before there was ENHYPEN and it means they are a fan of the i-land show and/or it's trainees.)

4) ENHYPEN comes from the word "hyphen" which connects two words to make new meanings. The mission statement for ENHYPEN is to connect, discover, and grow together. They desire to connect person to person and world to world through their music.

5) emoji's for the boys 🦌-Heeseung. 🦅-Jay. 🦮-Jake. 🐧-Sunghoon. 🦊-Sunoo. 🐈-Jungwon. 🐆-Ni-Ki. You can research reasons why.

6) Merch, their 1st mini-album, Border: Day One, and their second mini-album, Border: CARNIVAL, is available to purchase through the Weverse Store. There is an app for that. 

7) Check out HYBE LABEL's, ENHYPEN's, and MNET's youtube channels as well as vlive, twitter, Instagram, tiktok, and the media section on weverse. In addition to music videos, there are teasers/trailers, a pre-debut reality show and it's season 2 (post debut promotional activities), live dance jams, diary notes, and so much more content to check out. We were spoiled with content even BEFORE debut happened. We have only gotten more spoiled since. 

8) ENHYPEN won their first award, Next Leader Award, at The Fact Music Awards less than 2 weeks after debut. AND They also won the Rookie Artist Award at the 35th Golden Disc Awards, Rookie of the Year Award at the Gaon Chart Music Awards, AND Rookie Artist of the Year Award on the 30th Seoul Music Awards. 👑Kings!

9) First Comeback was April 26, 2021 with their new title track, Drunk-Dazed, music video and a follow-up comeback show. 

Hope this helps! And welcome to the circus! Because we are all a bunch of clowns here. 🤡🤡🤡


Below are some pictures to help you more easily recognize each member!