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Simply Speculation: THE MATRIX- Part 3

The Matrix
I-Land Into the I-Land performance 

-In summary, when I see the red and blue imagery present in these music videos it feels like an echo of the Matrix story and themes to me. Though somewhat of their own choosing (Sunoo drinking the blue juice),

The boys become trapped in a world that is not of their own making. Their actions are not of their choosing. They are told what to do, what to think, and who to be, and they must comply.

Painter suits to represent that they are blank canvases, maintaining awkward poses with cameras and coaches eyes (telescope) always trained on them to catch every detail. And for them it is conditioned into normality.

-To me, this Matrix, this Fake life, sounds a lot like what I would think life as a trainee would be like. What I-land would be like.They then choose to realize that this world they live in is not real. That they are not really living. (Eating the red gummy bears, Heeseung taking the pill) And they are then given parallel flashes of the lie and the truth. Flashes of their normal, and what normal can and should be. Brief glimpses of what life could be if they were free. The ability to run, the ability to play and dance. But as we see in “Let Me In”, they are still trapped. They can run, but they are limited both by space (confines of the terrarium) and time (whenever it is day time, possibly whenever cameras or the spotlights are trained on them, they revert back to mannequins).

If ENHYPEN is connecting to the Matrix themes, it appears that they are no longer living in ignorance. They are no longer fully controlled. The real question is whether they are still in the Matrix, or are they fully free. Are they trying to navigate a fake world, trying to break free into a “real” one, or, like Neo, are they walking the border between those two “somethings” and trying to create their own world entirely. 

-Of course, this is all Simply Speculation.