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God of the Sun-Goddess of the Moon

The two busts that make an appearance in the recently revealed UP concept photos are famously known as Apollo (left) and Artemis (right) of Greek Mythology. Apollo and Artemis were twins born of Zeus and Leto.

Apollo, among other things, was the god of the Sun, light, archery, truth, music, poetry, and dance. 

And Artemis, among other things, was the goddess of the Moon, the hunt, wild animals, and the wilderness. 

ENHYPEN’s second mini album, Border: CARNIVAL, is being released in 3 different versions. UP, HYPE, and DOWN. And we have the god of the sun and the goddess of the moon making an appearance in the UP concept photos for ENHYPEN. More on them in a moment.

ENHYPEN’s first mini album, Border: Day One, was released in 2 different versions, DAWN and DUSK. Dawn is the time when the sun is rising and the moon is setting. Dusk is the time when the moon is rising and the sun is setting. Dawn and dusk are the borders between the sun and the moon.

For their first album, Intro-Walk the Line, they begin with walking along the border dawn as they "greet the sun". For their first title track, Given-Taken, they are waking up to a bright sun and then singing about being called “over that thin line”. At the end of their first album, Outro- Cross the Line, the opening line is “Evening shadows fall”. 

So far, in Border: CARNIVAL, Intro- The Invitation the setting is that of a night time festival. 

During Intro-The Invitation, the narration stated that they were “brought here by fate”. That is NOT the first time we have had the word “fate” mentioned by ENHYPEN. Among other places, it shows up in the chorus lyrics of Given-Taken, “In a shower of fate’s arrows”.  We also have a stunning image of all of the boys lining up shooting arrows. 

Finally arrows make an appearance in the choreography for Given-Taken. And while performing this choreography, they sing “But I’m gonna go to you,” which leads straight into the final chorus that starts with “In a shower of fate’s arrows”. 

Ok, now back to our solar-lunar twins. With Apollo being the god of archery and Artemis being the goddess of the hunt, they are often associated with a bow and arrow. Artemis's symbols include the bow and arrow and Apollo is often described with a golden bow and quiver of silver arrows. 

Now we in the HYBEU theory sector don't believe in coincidences. So ENHYPEN singing about going somewhere while firing arrows, then singing about the arrows belonging to fate, then singing about being brought to a location by fate feel obviously connected. 

And now we have the god of archery and the goddess of the hunt who are both connected with the bow and arrow being introduced. 

So we have the boys traveling from the border of night and day, to waking up in day one, to evening shadows falling, to a "carnival of the dazzling night". And we have them telling us that arrows of fate are bringing them along this journey. 

We have previously discussed how ENHYPEN are being controlled by others. What if the "fate" controlling them is Apollo and Artemis. What if they are the ones behind the bow. What if the "to you" that is mentioned in Given-Taken, is Artemis, goddess of the moon as the TIME they were brought to is night, which is HER time.

And THIS is her.